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Enjoy a More Efficient Cooling Performance!

AC-leavesOh great, here comes the big sales pitch about why I actually can’t afford to not invest in a brand new air conditioning system. Not at all! Sure, investing in a brand new, high-efficiency air conditioner is going to get you a more efficient air conditioning performance. However, we totally understand that not everyone has the money lying around to go out and purchase such a system at any given moment. That is precisely why today’s post will focus on simpler, cheaper ways in which to boost cooling efficiency.

After all, we all want to live comfortably in our homes. Nothing pains us more than to imagine one of our valued customers living in discomfort just because he or she is worried about the cost of cooling the house effectively throughout. With that in mind, read on to learn some very basic ways in which you can start living more comfortably and how to do so more affordably. Contact us with any questions you have regarding air conditioning in Columbia, MD.

Got Ceiling Fans? Use Ceiling Fans!

Wider access to whole-house cooling systems themselves may be responsible for the change in perception of the function served by ceiling fans. It seems that some homeowners think these fans are there exclusively to add a touch of class to rooms in the house. Sure, ceiling fans can please in an aesthetic sense. However, they are a heck of a lot more pleasing when they are actually running in conjunction with an AC!

You see, while unable to actively cool the air, a ceiling fan can help to circulate air conditioned by the AC throughout the house. By more effectively distributing this air throughout the living space, your fans take some strain off of the AC. In fact, because you’ll be more comfortable in general, you may actually be able to raise the temperature at the thermostat a bit for even greater savings!

Seal Air Leaks

Do you have drafts that you can feel in your home? Do the doors and windows in your house have gaps between them and the frames in which they are installed. Well, natural ventilation through the home’s thermal envelope is actually a good thing. It helps to keep indoor air quality high. However, you can definitely have too much of this particular good thing.

Using a bit of weather stripping to fill in those gaps, or caulking up gaps in the walls, will help to prevent unwanted heat gain in the summer. Added bonus; it will help to keep heat in in the winter, too!

Schedule Maintenance

This is going to be something that you’ll see us suggest quite frequently on this blog, and with good reason. There is nothing better that you can do for your HVAC systems, heater and air conditioner alike, than to schedule routine maintenance. It keeps your systems as dependable, effective, and, yes, efficient as possible.

This needs to be done professionally, and on an annual basis. We recommend that you enroll in our maintenance program to get the most from your system.

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