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When Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Repairs?

service-timeWe know, we know. We’re barely out of winter’s chilly grasp, and here we are already talking about potential problems with your air conditioning system. Well, we certainly don’t mean to be a wet blanket, and we know that you likely have not even fired up your air conditioner for the season yet, but it still pays to plan ahead. Even the best systems that are rigorously maintained, after all, can and will encounter operational problems from time to time.

The best course of action that you can follow in such instances is to schedule professional air conditioning repairs in Columbia, MD at the very first sign of trouble. The only trouble with this, of course, is that you first need to learn how to recognize the signs of trouble to begin with. Don’t worry—our team is here to help. Read on to learn more about some commons signs of AC problems, and remember to contact us the moment that you notice them (or any others).

Your Energy Bill Spikes

This may be most noticeable during the early days of the cooling season, but it is something that we suggest that you keep your eye out for all summer long. Obviously, you are going to be paying more for electricity the more that you run your air conditioning system. Cooling your home does not come for free, after all.

However, one of the most common of all symptoms that a compromised air conditioner may present is a drop in energy efficiency. If your bill really seems to be outlandishly high, especially when compared to previous seasons in the same home with the same system, let us know. Not only will having any issues resolved promptly save you money in energy costs, but it will help to prevent potentially costly repairs to come.

Your System Is Running Erratically

Does it seem like your air conditioner is just running, and running, and running? It should not be running nonstop—not if it is properly sized for your property and in good working condition. This suggests that it is either incapable of reaching desired temperatures or that, perhaps due to a thermostat issue, it is not recognizing that it has achieved your target temperature.

Of course, an AC that is running in short bursts is no smaller. This is called short cycling, and it is a sign of trouble. It costs more money to start a system up than to keep it running in regular cycles, and it also puts a lot of unnecessary strain on the system. It may be a case of a dirty air filter restricting airflow, which you can resolve on your own. If that filter looks fine, though, contact us so that we can diagnose the problem for you.

Your System Is Just Not Cooling Effectively

Did your AC used to cool your home without issue? Is it now blowing warm air from your ducts? Is it leaving hot spots throughout your home? Anything from damaged ductwork to refrigerant leaks could be to blame. When it comes to your comfort, never settle for “good enough”. You deserve comprehensive, consistent comfort, and that’s what you’ll get when you work with us.

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