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How Can a Heat Pump Heat AND Cool My Home?


Very well. That is the very short answer.  We are guessing that you want a better answer than that, however, so we are going to explore the topic further in today’s post. The heat pump is one of the most innovative HVAC systems to be found in homes today, so it definitely warrants a closer look. With a bit more understanding of how they work and the benefits that they have to offer, there is a good chance that you’ll decide to use a heat pump in Columbia!

If you do, you will definitely want to work with our technicians every step of the way. Make no mistake about it—the heat pump is indeed an incredible system. However, it is also only really as good as the installation and ongoing services that it receives. You don’t want to sink your money into a great system only to have it come up short because you scheduled its services with unqualified individuals. When you leave your heat pump installation, maintenance, and repairs to us, you’ll have no such worries! 

Why Generate New Heat When You Can Transfer Existing Heat?

The easiest way to explain how a heat pump works is to compare it to a central air conditioner. More specifically, a central air conditioner capable of reversing its operation. That’s pretty much what a heat pump is—a central AC that can run in reverse. So, how does that work?

Well, an air conditioner doesn’t generate new coolness, right? It removes heat from the air and then circulates the cooled air throughout the house. It does this by evaporating refrigerant in the indoor coil. That pulls heat out of the air. The warmed refrigerant is then sent out to the condenser, where it releases its heat.

The heat pump can do all that, but also features a component called a reversing valve that allows it to reverse its refrigerant cycle. When that happens, the function of the coils is switched, too. Now, refrigerant evaporates in the outdoor coil, drawing heat out of the air outside. That refrigerant is compressed to maximize its thermal energy. Then, it is condensed in the indoor coil, releasing its heat to warm the house. Only a small amount of electricity is used in the process.

What Are the Benefits?

Well, when you use a heat pump, you are investing in a 2-in-1 system. You get a powerful central air conditioner to the combat the heat of summer. But you also get the inverse of that system, being a very efficient heater!

That means that the heat pump is pulling double duty, you’ll notice. That means that it will need double the maintenance. Heat pumps are effective and reliable, but the fact that you are using one system doesn’t mean just one annual tune-up. You’ll need maintenance before the heating season and the cooling season. Schedule it with our team to keep your heat pump in the best working condition possible.

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