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Is a Tankless Water Heater Worth My Money?

tankless-water-heaterThe answer to this question may be frustratingly vague, but bear with us—it might be. Why can’t we just give you a straight answer? Because, at this time, we don’t have the information necessary to determine if the tankless water heater is a good fit for you. We can tell you that it is a good fit for a lot of homeowners, and we’ll help you to better understand the pros and cons of tankless water heaters in the post that follows,  though.

Before that, let’s just remind you of one more thing that we can tell you confidently. You are only going to get a great performance from your water heater, tankless or otherwise, if that system is installed and serviced by skilled, trained professionals. Our technicians fit the bill completely. Read on, contact with any questions that you may have, and leave your water heater services in Columbia, MD to us. And now,  let’s take a closer look.

Yes, They Cost More

We will get this out there right out of the gate, since some homeowners may notice this and decide right off the bat that the more expensive is not the right option for them. Yes, the tankless water heater does cost more money than a tank water heater does. That doesn’t somehow make it a ripoff, though.

The fact of the matter is that the higher sticker price reflects longterm energy savings. This is accomplished by the major design point of the tankless water heater. It doesn’t have a tank.

That Eliminates Standby Energy Loss!

Did you know that your tank water heater can wind up using energy even when you are not using water anywhere in your home? It’s true, and it is due to the fact that the tank water heater, no matter how efficient its tank, is always going to be subject to some amount of standby energy loss. This occurs as heat from the water stored in the tank transfers through that tank and out into the air surrounding it.

The tankless system does not have this same issue, because it does not have a tank at all! That’s not where the benefits end, though. Consider also the lifespan of the tankless water heater.

Greater Efficiency Over a Greater Period of Time

Tank water heaters are going to last somewhere in the 12-15 years range. A tankless water heater will last upwards of 25 years, typically. That is a pretty major lifespan extension. When combined with the overall energy savings afforded by a tankless water heater, that works out to a lot of reduced operating cost over time.

Even so, the tankless water heater is not for everyone.  These systems may be more easily overwhelmed than tank models in some instances, and the fact is that some homeowners really want or need to save money upfront. The best way in which to ensure that you get the best water heater for your needs is to schedule your water heater services with consummate professionals. like 0urs!

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