Fall HVAC Energy Saving Tips

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Fall HVAC Energy Saving Tips

Every autumn as the days get cooler there seems to be an age old debate whether to keep the windows open and the air conditioning off. You may naturally want to take advantage of the cooler temps. However, you may be using more energy by turning your unit on and off throughout the day. Consider that if you switch it off when you go to bed, the temperature gradually rises overnight. By the time midday hits your home’s internal temperature starts to feel uncomfortable. So, you turn the air conditioning back on. At this point, it may take more energy to cool the house back off than if you had left the unit on continuously. Follow these Fall HVAC energy saving tips, and you will remain comfortable all season, while saving money, too.

Reset Your Thermostat

First, make sure your programmable thermostat is set to the “Auto” function. That way the HVAC will kick on only if the internal temp reaches the temperature you set it too. Next, raise the settings. An increase of even a few degrees will make a big difference. Aim for keeping the internal temp the same as the outside. That way, your home is still comfortable, and your system isn’t working overtime.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

While we recommend changing air filters once a month, at the very minimum, you should aim for every season. The start of fall is an ideal time, especially since your HVAC has been working so hard all summer long. Your filters have been pulling double duty removing pollen and dust through the year’s hottest months. Changing your filters in fall will ensure you prevent the allergens of the new season. And, now, consider that if you change your filters monthly, you could see an energy bill reduction of up to 15 percent!

Turn on Those Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans may not reduce the air temps too much in the summer, the fall is the perfect time to make use of them. Here’s why. In the fall you may not need them so much to cool the air but to circulate it. Keeping your thermostat set and using your ceiling fans are a perfect combination to maintain cooler temperatures in your home. Remember, your HVAC system works most efficiently when it operates consistently, not when it’s forced to stop and start at extreme temps.

Keep Outside Unit Clear

When you are outside raking up leaves, don’t forget to check around your outside HVAC unit. During the autumn, leaves, branches, and other debris are blowing around. All of this can clutter and restrict airflow, which can strain your system. Avoid causing a breakdown or system failure. Simply take a moment to check around the outside unit.

Schedule Fall Maintenance

Autumn is the ideal time to schedule HVAC maintenance. Your system has been working hard all summer long. During the fall it can take a bit of a break. Why not take advantage of this and schedule service? That way, it will be ready for whatever the winter has in store. Want to save money this fall and ensure you are prepared for winter? Follow these Fall HVAC energy saving tips. And, Contact MBS Mechanical today to schedule a fall maintenance service appointment.


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