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Serving the Greater Columbia Area


Air Conditioning Services in Columbia, MD

Are you searching for residential air conditioning services in Columbia, MD? If so, you've come to the right place! MBS Mechanical, Inc offers AC services throughout Columbia, MD, including AC repair, AC installation, AC maintenance and much more. Best of all, we work on all different types of cooling systems, including central air conditioning, ductless HVAC, heat pumps and more. 

What do you look for when you hire an HVAC contractor? Integrity? Honest? Accountability? What about open and honest communication paired with a strong work ethic that will result in exceeding your expectations? These are a few of the core values that guide our company, and we’ll stick by them as we install and service your cooling system for comfort that you can count on.

Cool Prices, Warm Service

Our Air Conditioning Systems and Services

Installing a whole–house cooling system is not a job just anyone can handle. It is the type of work that demands the skill and expertise that only trained and experienced service professionals can offer. The technicians on our team are definitely service professionals of the highest caliber. When we’re hired to install or replace your air conditioner, the job will be done right. We’ll also make sure that you have the right system for your needs.

  • Central air conditioners are classics for a reason, offering prompt and efficient cooling throughout homes with the use of air ducts for distribution.
  • Ductless systems are a great option too, however, and eliminate the risk of air loss via duct leaks while also offering efficient heating.
  • Heat pumps bridge the gap between central ACs and ductless systems, as they use air ducts but use utilize technology allowing for incredibly efficient heating.
  • Duct repair and/or replacement may be necessary if you use air ducts, as these systems can degrade over time or suffer from poor design flaws (but not when we install them!).

We Also Tune Up and Repair Air Conditioners

Our AC services in Columbia, MD are comprehensive, so they don’t end once we’ve installed your air conditioner. Other air conditioning services include both ongoing maintenance and quality repairs. Your cooling system is going to encounter operational problems at some point, despite being properly sized and professional installed by our comfort specialists. Keeping an eye out for problems with your system and scheduling prompt AC repairs will help reduce the risk of serious damages.

Of course, you can help to keep such risks to a bare minimum by taking advantage of our maintenance program. Routine air conditioning maintenance is a job our team excels at, and we’re happy to thoroughly inspect and tune–up your air conditioner on an annual basis. You can and should change your air filter regularly, and you can keep the outdoor AC unit clean. Thorough maintenance involves much more, however, including the following.

  • Cleaning coils
  • Cleaning condensate drain lines and pan
  • Checking thermostat settings
  • Testing voltage/amperage
  • Testing all electrical connections
  • Checking refrigerant levels

Hire the Comfort Specialists at MBS Mechanical, Inc 

When the heat and humidity of the summer season strikes, how is your air conditioner in Columbia, MD going to react? Will it heroically spring into action, guaranteeing consistent comfort for all in your home? Or is it going to struggle to provide you and your family with the conditions you deserve? When you let the comfort specialists at MBS Mechanical, Inc install and service your system, you can count on the former.

Leave your air conditioning services to us—and live in the comfort that you deserve. Contact us  today. 

We’ve been serving the greater Columbia, Maryland area since 2000.

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