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Serving the Greater Columbia Area


Home Heating Services in Columbia, MD

Are you searching for a residential heating contractor in Columbia, MD? If so, you've come to the right place. MBS Mechanical, Inc is a licensed, insured, and top-rated heating contractor in the greater Columbia, MD area. Whether you need heating system repairs, a new heating system installed, or you're just looking for a regular maintenance / tune-up, we've got you covered. Best of all, our heating technicians can work on all different types of heating systems, such as boilers, furnaces, heat pumps, radiant heating, and more. 

When Matt Seifrit started the company in 2000, he wanted to prove that offering honest, integral services to home and business owners does not have to come at the expense of profit. Today, our team is still proving this, each and every day. Our core values, including honesty, integrity, and exceeding expectations, are the guiding force behind every service that we complete.

Cool Prices, Warm Service

Choose from Exceptional Heating Systems and Services

There are many different ways to heat a home. There is no one heater that is perfect for every home or homeowner. If there were, then there wouldn’t be so many to choose from. We offer a number of great heating systems for installation, and our heating services in Columbia, MD are truly comprehensive. Our systems include the following:

  • Boilers. Our hydronic installations use a water heater by the boiler in conjunction with baseboards and radiators in order to distribute heat throughout the house.
  • Ductless systems. With a ductless system, you get whole–house heating and cooling without the need for installing bulky ductwork.
  • Furnaces. Pretty much everyone is familiar with the furnace, which heats air and then distributes that heated air throughout the house via a system of air ducts.
  • Heat pumps. With a heat pump, you can reverse the system’s refrigerant cycle in order to heat your home with great efficiency in the winter, and also to cool it effectively in the summer.
  • Radiant heating systems. With a radiant heating system, heat is applied to the floor of the house and is allowed to radiate up into the living space for even, lasting comfort.

We Install and Replace Heaters the Right Way

When winter hits here in Maryland, it can hit hard. Do you have a heating contractor you trust to keep your heater up and running as effectively, reliably, and efficiently as possible? Give MBS Mechanical, Inc a call if you’re in search of a licensed and insured heating contractor in Columbia, MD.

Did you know that even the best home heating system will fail to impress if it is not installed correctly every step of the way? It’s true, and it’s a fate that you don’t want to befall your heater in Columbia, MD. Before we install your heater, we’ll make sure it is sized appropriately for your home and that the system is well–designed. Then, we’ll provide you with a perfectly executed heating installation.

Do you need to replace an old heater that simply is not heating your home effectively anymore? Are you worried that your old heater may not make it through another winter? Then you’re in luck. Call our number and ask about available heaters for replacement. A heating replacement is a matter of when, not if.

We Repair and Tune Up Heaters, Too

Your heater will be 100% reliable, even if it is well–made and professionally installed. No mechanical system can truthfully make that claim. We have the next best thing, however: prompt and effective heating repairs in Columbia, MD.

Of course, in addition to great heating repair services, we also offer routine heating maintenance. There is no better way in which to keep your heating repair needs to a bare minimum. Occasional repairs are inevitable, but with routine maintenance, you won’t be seeing them pop up with too much frequency.

We’ve been serving the greater Columbia, Maryland area since 2000.

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