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Residential & Commercial HVAC Contractors in Arnold, MD

We understand that there are a lot of enterprising homeowners out there, but the smartest homeowners are the ones who understand their limits. There are plenty of projects to busy yourself with around the house. When it comes to your HVAC and IAQ systems, however, you need to call in the pros.

That is where MBS Mechanical, Inc comes in. We’re comfort specialists, and our service professionals are here to guarantee that your residential and commercial HVAC services in Arnold, MD are completed properly every step of the way. No matter what type of service you need, count on us for cool prices and warm service.

Air Conditioning

Are you ready to have an AC installed in your brand new property? Do you need air conditioning maintenance or AC repair in Arnold, MD for your existing system? Whatever the case may be, be sure to schedule those services with our comfort specialists. From the sizing of your system to tuning it up each and every year, we’ll help to ensure the job is done right. That way, you can cool your home confidently.

Ductless Air Conditioning

What some homeowners don’t realize is that there are a lot of different ways to cool a home. Among them is the ductless air conditioning system, which also goes by the name ductless mini split. Such systems forgo the use of ductwork in their operation, and instead use individual, wall–mounted blowers. They can heat homes too!


A heater in Arnold, MD is going to have a lot of work to do over the heating season. No heater is perfect, and that means that you are going to need the occasional heater repair, even if you’re diligent in scheduling routine heating maintenance. When that time comes, turn to our heating pros in order to protect your comfort throughout the coldest nights of the season. We install and service a wide variety of heaters, including heat pumps.

Indoor Air Quality

Quick, what’s the key to comfort in your home? If you said "comfortable temperatures," then you’ve got part of the equation down. But what about the quality of the air you breathe in your home? Did you know that you may be breathing air of a lower quality in your home than you are outside? With the right hair purification system, be it a filtration system or UV air purifiers, you can enjoy better indoor air quality in Arnold, MD.

Water Heaters

Your heater and your air conditioner do a lot of work during their respective seasons. But they do get some time off. Your water heater in Arnold, MD has no such luxury. Think about the last time you were at home and didn’t use your hot water all day. We’re betting that you’re having trouble doing so. Whether you use a tank water heater or a tankless water heater, you need professionals to ensure your system operates as reliably and efficiently as possible.

Commercial HVAC

Residential comfort systems are complex in their own ways, but even they pale in comparison to the scope of commercial heaters and air conditioners. When it comes to commercial HVAC services in Arnold, MD, you need to be certain that you’re dealing with technicians who know the ins and outs of this kind of equipment. Our comfort specialists are those technicians. When you want cool prices on warm service for your commercial HVAC equipment, work with us.

We’ve been serving the greater Columbia, Maryland area since 2000.

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