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Water Heater Services in Columbia, MD

There are many systems and appliances you depend on in your home, from your clothes dryer to your AC and heating systems. However, these systems are not putting in the level of work one particular appliance in your residence is: the water heater! Your HVAC systems have off-seasons, and your water heater is called upon when you use other appliances, such as your dishwasher or the washing machine.

Of course, it is also called upon when you’re showering, giving the young ones a bath, or doing a bit of general cleaning. This system is a true workhorse, and you need to know for certain that yours will do its work successfully and reliably. That’s why you need to schedule your water heater services in Columbia, MD with trained professionals. Do so with MBS Mechanical, Inc, and get the job done right the first time.

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Which Hot Water Heater Is Right for Me?

You need a new water heater, but you’re not sure which one is right for you. There are two important categories to consider. First, will you use a gas water heater or an electric water heater in Columbia, MD? As is the case with any appliance, there are pros and cons to both.

Gas water heaters are efficient and affordable to run, but they require access to natural gas. Electric water heaters work at nearly 100% efficiency, since there’s no heat loss via the venting of flue gases, but electricity also costs more than natural gas. If gas is not readily available, or you don’t want to use it on your property, an electric system is a good option.

Tank or Tankless?

The next major consideration is whether you’ll use a tank or tankless water heater. Again, there are many factors to consider, with each system having its own pros and cons. There is no single water that is ideal for everyone, but we can help you find the right system for your needs.

  • Tank water heaters are the old standby, and are great for homes where there is a consistent need for large quantities of hot water. Just make sure that you have a well–insulated tank to minimize standby energy loss, and that the system is sized with your hot water demands in mind.
  • Tankless water heaters are much more expensive than tank water heaters, but they offer long–term savings. They have longer lifespans, often up to 25 years, and they eliminate standby energy loss by eliminating the need for a storage tank. They can be more easily overwhelmed than tank water heaters when hot water is called for at multiple points of use, though.

Allow Us to Install and Service Your Water Heater in Columbia, MD

While there are many great water heaters available, it’s important to remember that any water heater is really only as good as its installation. A great water heater won’t perform well if not sized correctly for your needs and professionally installed. Whether you need a new water heater for a new home, or it’s finally time for a water heater replacement, count on us for outstanding service.

While a good product that’s professionally installed is going to be reliable, there is one further step that must be taken to protect the efficiency and performance quality of the system: routine maintenance. We can keep your water heater well–tuned, and when you do eventually run into trouble, our service professionals will pinpoint the problem and complete your water heater repairs successfully.

We’ve been serving the greater Columbia, Maryland area since 2000.

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